Compensation toolholder

Easily compensate for axial errors between chuck and spindle axis or bore. REGO-FIX floating holders have proven their worth in reaming and tapping: The floating holder is self-centring, can be used vertically and horizontally and is suitable for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation. For dimensionally and geometrically accurate drilling. The floating holder is self-centring, i.e. when used horizontally, the tool is centred on the bore of the workpiece. This optimises the cutting process and increases the service life of the cutting tools.

Inner coolant
Total length (mm)
Chucking diameter (mm)
Material group
Type of tool holder
Cantilever length (mm)
Chucking diameter (mm)
Chucking diameter max. (mm)
Chucking diameter min. (mm)
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ManufacturerSize / TypeType of holderCantilever length [mm]Internal coolingChucking diameter [mm]Clamping diameter min. [mm]Clamping length [mm]Clamping diameter max. [mm]Body diameter [mm]Collar length [mm]body diameter 2 [mm]Collar length 2 [mm]

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