Mitarbeiter & Ansprechpartner


Trail runner with endurance

“Running through nature over hill and dale on narrow paths through forests, meadows and mountain landscapes gives me a sense of fulfilment and makes me feel grounded.”   

A passionate athlete

“I first broke my leg at 5 years of age while skiing. I have been hooked on sport ever since that experience...”, golfer (HCP -4)

Nature lover and runner

Jogging was never my passion but that all changed after a team run at the Zurich Marathon... My motto is keep fighting!

Technical Sales Consultant Field Service

The bee inspector

With his long-standing experience and a lot of dedication, Töbu takes care of 1 beehive with 24 colonies and harvests the delicious vb honey for our Christmas presents.      

The tennis star

He knows the meaning of hard work as he’s played tennis since he was a child. Markus is also a skilled and passionate cook.

The boater from lake Zurich

In winter he plays ice hockey and snowboards, in summer he sits on his motorbike, at the campsite or in his boat on Lake Zurich.

My passion for flying

I started off paragliding and hang gliding and now I have my own autogyro. Flying lets me escape and discover the world from above.

Application technology

An inherited passion

The fascination with the challenges of rock climbing – scaling peaks covered in ice and snow – has been unwavering for decades.      

Technical Sales Consultant Service

Drummer with heart & soul

His love of rhythms and rock music was clear early on. It all started on a leather chair with two rounded-down rulers and the mic as an amplifier. 

The man with green fingers

At home, he nurtures his garden with great dedication and always has a good trick up his sleeve. He looks after our plants in the office too and ensures there is a good atmosphere.

The bedrock

He has worked for Vischer & Bolli for 30 years and comes to work every day with a smile on his face. Maybe this is down to his motto – “Doing the right thing is never wrong!”

An inherited passion

The fascination with the challenges of rock climbing – scaling peaks covered in ice and snow – has been unwavering for decades.      

The sociable ice hockey player

“The first time I was pushed across the ice by my mother when I was still in a pram, I was transfixed,” says Nicki, an enthusiastic ice hockey player.


Our fairy godmother

Travelling, hiking and camping are at the top of Jeannette's list of favourites, in line with her motto: “The journey is the destination”!  

Marketing, E-Commerce

From judo kid to judo teacher

Sport has always grounded him. He did judo in his youth and became a brown belt. His family also keeps him on his toes.       

Our logistics team

“The main thing is football”

Arnet doesn't mind if he watches football on TV, at the stadium or with friends in a sports bar – he loves it and enjoys every game.

Our Wangelis

A long time employee, he enriches the camp team with his Greek mischievousness. He works hard the whole year so that he can spend a few weeks with his family in Greece in the summer....

The model railroader

"For me, working with my model railroad is the ideal balance to the world of work. It's where I can really relax and get away from it all. I've been practicing this hobby since I was a child."

Passionate amateur photographer

"The best things in life are not the ones you get for money."

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